Team Tools

This page is just a beginning.
There is More on the way,
Because for the First Time in my life, I've found a company and a product worthy of my efforts and it just makes sense.


Proximity Marketing with Geo Tarteting

I'm bringing this over from my other business, time for you to take a look.

I'm NOT Cross Recruiting

This product does not compete with your iGalen business, it's an enhancement. It's geared towards the retail market.
As we find area leaders in the different markets and 1,000's of consumers begin to download the app, tha't More Eyes to your business.
A business owner gets it for free to grow their business and they in turn promote to all their customers, and it repeats.
It's totally optional, you don't have to take a free listing and if it started to take off in your area you can simply close the door to those new prospects. That is up to you. 

Additional Team Tools

We do our Own Hosting, make our own videos and are bringing over several additional tools from our Smarter.Marketing® Division where we have a presence throughout North America.

  to help you remember who you've talked to, what you said and when.

 that you have already seen. We present this page to our consulting clients but for this purpose, we will modify the system to work in conjunction with the two tools listed just below.

  system that's just a Cool Way to keep everyone in the loop. Works on Any Device, even a Text Message. We are creating a series of these and all you will do is send a link to someone from your email and they click to watch. Since it comes from you, they get back to you.

 for the same type of result as above but we'll be making a series of these with Powerful Openings, like just below.

We are putting together a series of Powerful Attentin Grabbing little movies we'll use at the beginning of a video emails or video newsletter.  


  I have literally 100's of templates, I hope you see the possibilities. 

The biggest thing you can get your mind around is unless you Grab a Prospects attention Immediately, you Lose. You MUST get away from how it's done today,    

Additional Tools

In addition to those above, and More on on the way.

Why 3-way call when you can MEET

The way people say in touch today has taken on a new twist, the online meeting.
You can get your Own FREE account Now.


We are building an automated system that will keep everyone in the loop.  Sign-up for the announcements, training and updates is simple, you merely send an email to a certain address and you are in.
The cool thing, everyone gets the series of time sequenced emails and everyone is on their own individual time schedule.


The latest rage is those little GIF's that are automated. We have a system that does then, and the incredible thing, they even work in email.

Bulk Email

Incredible Pricing.
Send 150,000 emails a month for FREE.
Match that Anywhere.
After that it $.09 per 1,000 and it goes down from there.

And we Aren't Stopping There

First, you saw some of our innovative technology above,    I'm bringing that over from my consulting divisions and creating the videos we all need so we can then just send a link for prospects to open and they get back to you with they are ready.
Question: Have you heard about Geofence and Beacon Technology? I am launching a system through North America for Small Business Owners and as this system starts to take off we will be running ads in the system about NewUlife. I can do this because it's my system.  
This project is scheduled to be deployed in Early January, we'll keep you informed. The information on the site above is changing as I now have a newer, more powerful and plugged in team of developers.

Here's another one.  While other companies are trying to figure out Facebook with complicated tips and gimmicks that don't work, we can give you the tools to use it while Maximizing it's potential.
It's the First, the One and Only system of it's kind. 


I'll close this section to highlight one other system that's nearly complete. We are bringing Proximity Marketing to this project with our GeoFence and Beacon Technology. The works.

Here is a question for you. How effective are all those meetings, conference calls and webinars with you?
Do you always get your folks on the call or in the meeting?
What happens if they are busy on the day of the call or at the specified time?
Do you just wait till the next call, essentially putting your business growth on hold and dependent upon the call or webinar schedule?

What if there was a better Way?
Click below for how we do this now in our other business to introduce GeoFence/Beacon Technology, and it Works!  

Current Systems

Perhaps you have seen some or been involved in them.

Note the Success Rates of Each...

Home Meetings


Conference Calls




Face to Face


Combination of State-of-the-art Online, Offline and Direct Contact with our Duplicable, Push Button Marketing System


So by now you have probably guessed it, I'm committed.

Folks, I've been around the block. In fact, I have several successful businesses right now and I simply don't have time to mess with Dogs. I've been recruited by pretty much Everything that comes along but nothing has appealed to me, nothing that is till now.

When you get the information and do your due-diligence on this product I'm sure you will arrive at the same conclusion as I...Finally a company worth my time and effort. 

Get back to my team member and let's get going. If you have questions or need specific help I'm here but I strongly urge you to get back to the person who sent you here to enroll in the company.