The Rules have Changed

Are you still stuck in the 90's trying to make it?

A Trailer to an Incredible Movie

You can order the full movie direct from or contact me as I have some.

A little more


First of all, that is now SEVEN years old.
ALL of the Statistics cited have Now Come True.
We are now the Largest and Fastest Growing Industry, By FAR.

Next, that you will find Interesting.


Here is an interesting site you might want to check out.

It's an Evaluation System that hits on All Cylinders for evaluating any Home Based Business Opportunity.

Go Ahead and click on the picture and run your current opportunity through the evaluation. It might give you some insight as to why you didn't do, or aren't doing very well in that business.

Finally, Why do we market This Way?

Why not just go the traditional way like other businesses?