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We have a lot to show you and very quickly you will see why your decision to join my team was a Wise One.
To begin with, how about a Free System?  (Get yours on the Tools Link.)

Time for

Push Button

Folks, I come from the Traditional Business sector.
I've never quite found an MLM company that seemed like a viable business model, let alone even got my attention.
But I do understand FACTS and for that reason, I took a serious look at iGalen.

After all my research it was clear, this truly IS a Ground Breaking Opportunity.
Nobody has what we have, NOBODY! And the Darned stuff WORKS.

For that reason I decided to bring the Exclusive Tools and Systems over from my Smarter.Marketing® division and build an organization. As a member of my team, the things you will see on the next few pages will be available to you.

Let's ROCK.

Your Prospects are on MOBILE

If you aren't there as well, you Lose.

But you already knew that because YOU are on Mobile as well.

So Why are we into Push Button Marketing & Mobile?

Gone are the days of running ads, home meetings, begging, selling and convincing.
The smart phone user of today is informed, in tune and more aware of your business than ever before.

Here are Just Some of the Stats.


Next,    from a Recent MAJOR Conference.

Or what about true 

Video is KING

We Shoot, Edit and Product our own.


Team Smarter App

See 1Liv.com for the App. It works on any device...Meet someone in an elevator, pull out your smart phone and start pushing buttons.
Folks, it's about simplicity and Instant Credibility...Period.
We are using the Google Progressive Web App technology but I need everyone to let me know if it's still not fast enough in loading, and if not, we'll convert it over to the Google AMP technology that has a benchmark of 2 seconds for any page load, even in poor internet connection areas!

Dedicated App

We have several tools in development that are Powerful and Hard Hitting.,

The KEY in this business is engaging the prospect on their device with a system that works NOW.  No waiting on streaming, no waiting on connections, etc.

Personalized Target Marketing

Video Marketing

On the tools section you will see some of what we are bringing to the table.
We have 100's of templates with dozens of combinations to GRAB ATTENTION.





More Tools

  • We aren't sitting still.
  • We are in the process of bringing over more tools from the consulting businesses, and in fact are currently in the process of revamping those SmarterApps to reflect some changes.
  • The goal is to make your business successful because when you are successful, so am I.
  • Biz.How
  • WhatsOUT

Some of our Exclusives

The Smart Phone has Changed the Game.

Smart Phone users  Engage on Their Terms, not yours, and they usually find what they want on their own without your intervention.
It's time to Push Buttons to SHOW, rather than try to Tell and convince.

  • Dedicated Smarter App for a Presentation.
  • Different styles of Video Emails you can send from any device to any device, even Text.
  • Mini Presentations for email or video newsletters, we host.
  • A Whole Series of Tools you will see on the Tools menu.

I'm often asked Why all the Trouble? Why create this marketing system?
It's simple, your prospect has changed.